A knowledgeable professional that is results driven with a vast skill set in successful development and support of software quality assurance. Proficient with a wide range of software quality management resources such as black box testing, white box testing, automation implementation, software quality architectural strategies, analysis, test plan, and test case deployment techniques. Resourceful and self-directed to meet even the most challenging demands via troubleshooting, problem-solving, and customer support skills. Skilled with today's leading QA tools including Selenium, WebDriver, soapUI, Zephyr, Jira and other products. Broad knowledge of QA methodologies, BDD, UAT, load testing, WAUT, and others.

Programming Languages

Proficient in several languages, including but not limited to: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, C, C#, Java, Shell Scripting, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, SQL and so on. I'm also well versed in multiple data structures such as XML, JSON, CSV and so on. Extensive knowledge of multiple databases such as MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Experience and knowledgeable with JavaScript frameworks including AngularJS, jQuery, backboneJS, Handlebars and others.


Proficient with the Selenium Web Browser framework and the Selenium Grid. Experienced in working with Selenium on a multitude of operating systems.


Proficient in working with the Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer Web Drivers, from configuration to stability. Experienced in working with Web Drivers in headless environments from setup, configuration and maintainability.

Automation Frameworks

Proficient in refactoring existing frameworks and the creation of new frameworks leveraging a multitude of programming languages. Well versed in the design and implementation of the Page Object Model as well as several different element location strategies.

Test Management

Exceptional skills with designing and implementation of Test Management methodologies that leverage the leading products of today such as Zephyr and Jira.


Proficient with integrating existing QA tools with new, custom built strategies. Extensive knowledge of today's leading product APIs such as Zephyr and Jira. Knowledgeable in setting up, configuring and maintaining today's leading products or custom built solutions.


Proficient in training individuals and teams with a focus on Automation techniques, frameworks and maintainability.


Proficient with virtualization (type I & type II hypervisors) installation, configuration and maintainability including VMWare ESXi, Docker, OpenStack and others. Extensive knowledge of system, network, DNS and software installation, configuration, maintenance and hardening including Linux, Unix, MySQL, Apache, OpenSSL, TCP Wrappers, iptables, SELinux and others. Well versed in system administration including several flavors of Linux. Exceptional security skill sets for industry standards including vulnerability management, system hardening, system audits, DDoS attacks protection strategies and others. Knowledge of numerous protocols including IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, FTP, SSH, SSL, SFTP, HTTP, Rest and others. Efficient and proficient custom web application design and implementation.